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Faculty Bio

I am tornado through and through. I have been at Alcoa now for 25+ years and I would not trade my experiences here for anywhere else. I live in Alcoa, my kids grew up and graduated from Alcoa, and I plan to live out my days here. Where else! I have taught 16 courses at this school, but my primary courses throughout the years have been Chemistry and Physics. I hope to teach our students scientific skill that will translate to their college experience and generate a genuine interest in the Science World. We want to build a problem solving tool kit to help each student use what they learn here as a foundation of future success.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Science Ed. (major in Chemistry), a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision and an Educational Specialists Degree. I have coached Basketball for 12 years, served as the Director of Athletics for 10 years, and currently coach golf and tennis. My door is open to anyone who would like to meet with me. My primary mission is meet students where they are and try every day to take them where they want to go. Please feel free to come by and chat anytime.