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Faculty Bio

Principles of Construction LDC

Grade Level 9-12 Semester/1.00 credit(s)
Potential Industry Certifications: OSHA 10, Precision Measurement Instrumentation, Advanced Multimeter, NC3 Trane Airflow Certification

Fundamentals of Construction is the entry level course in the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-HVAC Technician program of study. In this class, students will cover worker characteristics, technology foundations, OSHA safety, shop safety, tools, equipment, and shop practices, and green awareness as they related to the construction and HVAC professions. Students will complete construction building projects to apply their knowledge and skills and have the opportunity to bank credit hours toward a licensed HVAC technician certification. There are multiple industry certification opportunities in this class. In addition, students who successfully complete OSHA and Precision Measurement Instrumentation certifications and maintain an 85 overall course average are eligible for automatic dual credit with Pellissippi State Community College.

Mechanical/Electrical Systems LDC

Grade Level: 9-12 Semester: 1.00 credit(s)
Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Construction
Potential Industry Certifications: EPA 608 and NC3 Trane Refrigeration Diagnostics

Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Systems prepares students for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC careers by introducing students to the physical principles of these systems and the fundamental skills needed to work with them. Through this class students will begin to learn the fundamentals of refrigeration as it relates to heating and cooling systems. Students will also cover worker characteristics, have an introduction to HVAC service systems through the Certified Trane NC3 training program, and obtain the industry-valued EPA 608 certification that is required for HVAC professionals. This course allots students additional clock hours toward their Licensed HVAC Certified Technician program at Tennessee College of Applied Technology Knoxville.


Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Construction LDC and MEP LDC
Potential Industry Certifications: HVAC H.E.A.T. certification and R-401 A certification

This is the third Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Knoxville course that will lead students toward a certification as a licensed Heating/Ventilation/Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration certification (HVAC-R). In this dual enrollment course, students will further their training toward the HVAC technician certification program. In this course students will continue to advance their knowledge of the fundamentals of refrigeration as it relates to HVAC systems, will learn and practice HVAC installation techniques, and will earn the industry value R-401 A certification. In this course, students will gain additional clock hours toward the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-HVAC diploma.


Grade :11 or 12
Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Construction LDC, MEP LDC, DE HVAC I
Potential Industry Certifications: HVAC H.E.A.T. certification and R-401A certification

This course is the second dual enrollment Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Knoxville course. This college-level course aligns with the Basic Automatic Controls HVAC course at the college level and leads to the HVAC-R Technician certification.