Important Prom Info

We will be checking for fines/fees, missing books, and senior community service closer to prom. Even if you buy a ticket you will not be allowed to enter without taking care of those things mentioned beforehand.
*Guest forms are also on online. As you go through the process of purchasing tickets you will see there is a form for them, their parents/guardians, and their administrator to sign online. It will all be returned to us through My School Dance.
You will need to create an account using your ALCOASCHOOLS.NET email address. This includes all students who graduated this past December. Your Alcoa City Schools Google accounts have been reactivated. Please follow the signup procedures shown on the My School Dance Student Guide. We will be having a pre-Prom meeting on April 3rd at 10:00am in the Lyceum for all that are attending prom. You will need to pick up your gifts at this time.