School Counseling

Student AffairsWelcome! This site is designed for current students and parents, as well as future and former students of Alcoa High School. Here you will find resources that will help current students and parents research colleges and careers, provide information for prospective students, and assistance for students who need copies of their high school transcripts; email all transcript requests to Leann White. Students are encouraged to visit their school counselor for academic, college and career, and personal/social counseling needs.

We have an open door policy at AHS! To meet with your school counselor, stop by the Student Affairs Office. If we are unavailable when you visit, you can schedule an appointment with Mr. Egan at the front desk or email your counselor.

Who to Contact:

Paul Sudderth: School Counselor, students with last names beginning with A-K ([email protected])

Katie Ferrell: School Counselor, students with last names beginning with L-Z ([email protected])

Pat Egan: Registrar, attendance, & transcript requests ([email protected])

Google Classroom

Join your specific grade-level Google Classroom for important announcements, reminders, and resources about events, postsecondary planning, scholarships, community service/job opportunities, graduation requirements, and more! All current AHS students are expected to join and check often. Parents are welcome to join too!

  • Class of 2024 - 3s3hvwp
  • Class of 2025 - 6m4ywlk
  • Class of 2026 - y6x3qyb
  • Class of 2027: xecolhw
  • Class of 2028: 6qiyoxx


Here are resources from meetings and events for students and parents hosted by the school counselors!
Postsecondary Planning Night: March 20, 2024
Financial Aid Night with Erika Adams from TSAC: August 8, 2023
  • Sadly, the video recording of Erika's presentation did not work. However, her powerpoint is attached below.
  • Please email or text Erika if you have any financial aid questions throughout senior year!
Senior Meeting with Students During Advisory: August 7, 2023
  • Here is a link to the Senior Timeline. This is a living document, so check back often as events and dates are added/updated: AHS Senior Timeline
  • Presentation is below and video recording is here: Senior Meeting Presentation Recording.
  • Family and Senior Next Guides are attached below.
College Application Process Presentation Recording

Mission Statement of the School Counseling Department at Alcoa High School


The mission of Alcoa High School Counselors is to support students’ academic, emotional, and social growth on their paths to postsecondary success.


Vision Statement of the School Counseling Department at Alcoa High School


Alcoa High School Counselors are partners to ensure all students succeed in school, at home, and throughout life.

Beliefs of the School Counseling Department at Alcoa High School

  • All students are capable of achieving and learning according to their unique abilities with the proper tools and support.
  • All students have specific developmental needs, which school counselors take into consideration when working in individual and group settings.
  • All students deserve an advocate to connect with them so that they feel heard and to effectively communicate their needs to appropriate people or connect them with helpful resources.
  • Students are most successful when all stakeholders are involved in the planning, managing, delivery, and evaluation of the Comprehensive School Counseling Program.
  • Data should be used effectively and efficiently to inform program decisions and improve student achievement.
  • Ethical standards set by the American School Counseling Association guide the work of school counselors in order to maintain the confidentiality of all students and make them feel safe.