EOC & SDC Testing continues Dec. 8th

Testing students - BE ON TIME!
Charge your Chromebooks tonight & bring your charger tomorrow!

Tested during 1st block
SDC US History
SDC Speech

BIOLOGY (4 classes)
8:15-9:45 75+15**minutes

Testing Locations
1st Block Only
SDC US History Scarpino 1st blk (Room 2104 Scarpino) Proctor: Ferrell
SDC US History Scarpino 2nd & 5th blk meet in Lyceum Proctor: Hawkins
SDC Speech Lay 2nd blk (Room 2121 Lay) Proctor: Wright

Bio CP Collins 1st blk (Room 1122 Collins) Proctor: Sweetland
Bio ACP Collins 3rd blk (Room 2123 Dunn) Proctor: Dunn
Bio CP Love 2nd blk (Room 2111 Denny) Proctor: Baumann
Bio CP Love 3rd blk (Room 2102 Byrd) Proctor: Byrd
Bio I-B Love 5th blk (Accom Room 1153) Ruckart
Read Aloud (TTS) Accomm's will test in Lab 2124- Townsend / Sweetland

* Students testing in accommodated rooms should be contacted by their case managers to let them know which room they need to report to.