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Our Mission:

Alcoa Spanish Club proposes to contribute and encourage the study and appreciation of the Spanish language. It promotes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the people and diverse cultural productions of the Hispanic/Latino world. Lastly, it proposes to foster friendly relations with other Alcoa clubs and organizations, as well as the community, and to work with them to better understand diversity through cultural awareness.


  • Members are encouraged to utilize the Spanish language as much as possible outside of the classroom, demonstrate continued growth of the Spanish language, and provide educational experiences which tie together formal and informal learning.
  • Members are encouraged to participate in various activities such as crafts, dancing, cooking, foreign films, field trips, and more. Student participation should contribute to the development of personal responsibility, moral values, cooperation, emotional maturity, self-discipline, social competence, leadership, and realization of the value of group goals.
  • Volunteers from the Spanish Club can be tutor students who may be having difficulty in class. This is a great way for students with a passion for language to strengthen their skills while helping others.
    Volunteer for events that support the Hispanic community.
  • Membership in the Spanish Club is extended to all students at Alcoa High School who pay a membership fee, regardless of race, gender, color, sexual orientation, or physical or mental handicap, they can be one of the following:
  • are currently enrolled in a Spanish class
  • have completed two years of Spanish
  • are native speakers of Spanish
  • have a special interest in Spanish culture
  • To be recognized as an “active” member, students must at least attend the first meeting of the month. Students who miss excessive numbers of meetings without excuse will be placed on probation.
    Probation is being unable to participate in an event
  • The Spanish Club membership fee is $20. It will serve as an initial fund for the club & t-shirts
    additional activities are not included in membership fees.

    Spanish Club meets during Advisory on CLUB DAY B in room 2118
Faculty Sponsors:
Dr. Medina ([email protected])
Mr. Lopez