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⁍ Who ⁌

Alcoa High’s finest math students (That’s you!)



⁍ When ⁌

Monday Mornings 8am**

*Meeting time subject to change based on member availability.





⁍ How to get involved ⁌

Attend meetings.

Sign up for text messages (Send message “@ahs314” to the number 81010.)


⁍ What we do ⁌

The first thing you need to know about math club is that we, in fact, do not meet bright and early on Monday mornings just to do math problems for fun, but that’s not to say Mrs. Williams’ won’t challenge us a little ;) Some of us work as tutors for students in our high school who need a little extra math help (mostly Alg1 & Geom) preparing for upcoming tests or just keeping up with their math classes. This counts as community service for us and sometimes you can even get paid! As a group, we host Pi Day each year, during which we sell desserts and set out different pi-related puzzles and games. We also host “Family Math Nights” directed towards younger students to encourage them to take an interest in math. (It’s fun, games & pizza!!) And lastly, we participate in math competitions. In previous years, we have attended the TMTA Math Competition at Maryville College. It’s a field trip day & we get to eat lunch together off campus. This year, we are also looking into some team math competitions! These all have prizes associate, but are mostly just fun challenges to do together.



⁍ Fees⁌

AHS Math Club is free! We use earnings from Pi-Day and donations from family math nights to pay for any events we may host. Yearly Shirts are usually between $12-18, though not required.


⁍ Mu Alpha Theta⁌

This is select membership to a national math club, separate of AHS Math Club. To be a MAT Member, students must have completed Algebra 1 & Geometry and have a 3.0 math GPA. Members are eligible for college scholarships and additional competition and convention opportunities. They are also awarded chords to wear for senior graduation. Speak to Mrs. Williams to join. Lifetime national membership is $10; yearly state membership is $2.


⁍ Upcoming Dates⁌

August - Competition (Team/Individual) + Shirt Orders

September 5th (5:00-7:00pm) - Family Math Night @ AIS

November - Competition (Team/Individual)

December - Family Math Night @ AES

January - Competition (Team/Individual)

February - Family Math Night @ AMS

March - Pi-Day @ AHS

April - TMTA Maryville College Math Competition (Invitation Only)

May - Host 8th Grade Mini Math Competition