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Alcoa High School is proud to have a 1:1 Chromebook to student ratio though Alcoa City Schools and Alcoa Connects. Each student is given a Chromebook at the beginning of each year for use in classes at school and at home.  


Technology Expectations

Students at AHS are expected to use technology in a responsible and respectable manner.  Computers, the Internet, and other digital resources are essential for teaching and learning in the Alcoa City School District and must be used responsibly. The Alcoa City Schools Board of Education (Policy 4.406) requires all guardians, students, and staff to annually sign a consent agreement that outlines the responsible and acceptable use of our equipment and network. Violation of these policies may result in the loss of privileges for using school devices and/or resources, disciplinary action, fees for damaged or lost equipment, and/or potential legal consequences. This agreement must be signed by the guardian and student each year in order for the student to use our network, Internet, devices, and resources.  


Students at AHS are assigned a Lenovo Chromebook for them to use at school and to take home to complete assignments.  Students are expected to care for their devices and to use their school issued credentials when signing in to these Chromebooks.  All Students must complete the Responsible Device Use Policy Document.  

Google Workspace and Digital Learning

Students work extensively in Google Workspace using online programs such as Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides. Students also utilize other online resources such as Classlink and other programs or links that teachers lay out in their syllabi.  


New Students and Technology

As new students enroll, they will be issued a Chromebook to use by their advisory teacher.  If it is after the school year has begun, new students may be asked by their advisor to pick up their Chromebook from the library. A device use policy will be sent home and must be signed and returned.

Technology Requests

Our technology department is always here to help students and families as they navigate the use of technology. If a student is having any issues with their device, they should report it to their teacher who will guide them through the process of getting their device services. Some issue my be simple fixes and the student may have the issue solved quickly. Other issues may require the student to be issued a Loaner Chromebook until the student's issued Chromebook is repaired.
Should the need arise, Alcoa City Schools will work with families who may not have access to the Internet at home. Parents may request a mobile hotspot to be used with take-home devices.  These hotspots only work with Alcoa Schools issued Chromebooks.  

Technology Repair

AHS wants every student to have a working Chromebook, but it is the responsibility of the student to care for their device. If their is an issue with a student's device that is beyond their control, such as part failure, students will have their device repaired at no additional cost. 
If a student has an issue that was caused from deliberate abuse or neglect (example: dropping it) there will be a repair fee that will be charged to the student. Charges are based on the parts required to repair the device as well as how many offenses the student has accrued. Charges will be updated yearly and posted online for transparency. 

Tech Team

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, AHS has a student Technology Team that will help with technology related issues at the high school. These students are part of a duel enrollment class offered through Pellissippi State Community College. On top of their class work, these students will also learn the basics of Chromebook repair, how the network is configured, troubleshooting classroom technology issues, and setting up new devices among many other skills.  

Skyward Information System

Skyward Family Access is the district information system for Alcoa City Schools.  It is vital that all contact information be kept up to date in case of emergencies.  Parents have access to a login to update information as well as access student information, such as grades, lunch charges, and attendance.  

District and School Policies